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MicroTESK 2.5.0 has been released.

What’s new?

  • Introduced new internal representation, so-called MIR (Middle-level [or MicroTESK] IR)
    • Redesigned the constraint generator (for mark-based situations)
    • Redesigned the symbolic executor (for binary code analysis)
  • Unified the directives (alignment, data definition, and labels) for .text and .data sections
    • Enabled a possibility to define data in .text
    • Implemented new directives: .balign, .p2align, and .option
    • Refactored the code/data allocation logic
  • Implemented a simple instruction-level coverage tracker (experimental)
    • Introduced a new option –coverage-log for tracking test coverage
    • Enabled a possibility to generate test coverage reports in Aspectrace format
  • Used the QEMU4V 0.3.4 simulator for running tests

Download: http://forge.ispras.ru/projects/microtesk/files

MicroTESK for * Updated

The dependent projects have been updated:

  • MicroTESK for RISC-V (0.1.0)
  • MIcroTESK for MIPS (0.1.0)
  • MicroTESK for PowerPC (0.0.4)

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