MicroTESK for ARMv8 @ MTV 2015

New Features
MicroTESK for ARMv8 will be presented at the 16th annual workshop on Microprocessor Test and Verification (MTV) to be held in Austin, TX on December 3-4, 2015. The presentation describes a tool for automatically generating test programs for ARM VMSAv8-64 memory management units. It consists of two parts: an architecture-independent test program generation core (MicroTESK) and VMSAv8-64 specifications. The specifications comprise descriptions of the memory access instructions, loads and stores, and definition of the memory management mechanisms such as translation lookaside buffers, page tables, and cache units. The tool analyzes the specifications and extracts the execution paths and inter-path dependencies. The extracted information is used to systematically enumerate test programs for a user-defined test template. Test data for a particular program are generated by using symbolic execution and constraint solving…
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