MicroTESK @ PSI 2017

New Features
MicroTESK was presented at the A.P. Ershov Informatics Conference (the PSI Conference Series, 11th edition) held in Moscow, Russia on June 27-29, 2017. We made the following presentation: A. Kamkin, A. Tatarnikov. MicroTESK: A Tool for Constrained-Random Test Program Generation for Microprocessors. PSI is the premier international forum in Russia for research and applications in Computer Science (CS) and Software Engineering (SE). PSI is held regularly since 1991. The conference brings together academic and industrial researchers, developers and users to discuss the most recent topics in the field. PSI provides an ideal venue for setting up research collaborations between the growing Russian CS/SE researcher community and its international counterparts, as well as between established scientists and younger researchers.  
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