MicroTESK @ Taiwan Tech and WRTLT 2017

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MicroTESK was presented in Taipei, Taiwan.

On November 29, Alexander Kamkin, the MicroTESK PM, gave a lecture on architecture-level microprocessor verification at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech). He considered evolution of test program generators (TPGs), discussed approaches to TPG development automation, and outlined new trends in the area.

On December 1, Andrei Tatarnikov, the MicroTESK Core team lead, made a presentation at the Workshop on RTL and High-Level Testing (WRTLT). His talk was about combining multiple TPG engines in the MicroTESK framework.

Taiwan Tech was established in 1974 as the first and the best higher education institution of its kind of technological and vocational education system in Taiwan.

WRTLT is to bring researchers and practitioners of VLSI testing from all over the world together to exchange ideas and experiences in register transfer level (RTL) and high level testing.